Our firm has litigation in its DNA and has professionals with large experience in the representation of their clients in all the Judiciary spheres, all over the country and before the superior courts.

The lawsuits in which we work comprise a wide range of matters, such as consumer law, energy, telecommunications, regulated markets, contracts, trademark and intellectual property, administrative law, among others.

We have as main characteristic celerity in our practice and defense of our clients, and we always seek the most efficient and suitable solution to each case.


We have great experience in arbitration proceedings, specially that discuss construction, energy, services contracts and corporate litigation. We represent clients of the most varied industries in domestic and international proceedings, as well, as in lawsuits to enforce local arbitration awards and ratification and ackonowledgement of foreign arbitration awards.

Our partner Carlos Forbes is a reference in national and international arbitration, acting in several proceedings, not only as a lawyer, but also as an arbitrator. The practice on both fronts gives him a differenciated experience, enabling him to adopt the best strategy for his clients.

We also have practice in mediation, institutional or ad hoc, both as mediators and as lawyers in mediation proceedings.

Class Actions

Our firm has a distinguished practice in Class Actions and other lawsuits involving transindividual rights, both in State and Federal Courts. The practice includes the preventive phase (civil investigations and investigative procedures) and the judicial phase (leading litigation all the way to the Superior Courts), advising clients, as well, in the negotiation of Terms of Adjustment of Conduct and in representing their interest before the Public Prosecutor´s Office and other collective entities.

Our partner, Cristiano Kozan, is one of the most regarded specialists in Class Actions in Brazil, representing both national and foreign clients for almost two decades in lawsuits of this nature, specially in infrastructure and regulated sectors.

Insolvency and debt restructuring

Our team has professionals specialized in litigation related to insolvency lawsuits, specially related to bankruptcy and business restructuring, acting in judicial credit recovery lawsuits and also in the restructuring of companies’ debts and negotiation with creditors.

We aim to apply in insolvency lawsuits all experience acquired in our litigation practice, adding the abilities to negotiate and knowledge of financial and economic issues that have an important role in this kind of disputes.

Cross-border Litigation

Most of our lawyers has professional experience abroad, making them able to Interact with foreign law firms in order to act in cross-border litigation, in lawsuits that develop before more than one jurisdiction.

We act in homologation of foreign decisions and foreign arbitration awards, rogatory letters and other issues involving the representation of foreign interest in Brazil. Our partner, Marco Gasparetti, is a reference in international procedure law and several of our lawyers have significant practice in this area.

Family Law

We have in our team lawyers with relevant experience in family law and successions, acting both in the preventive (through the development and implementation of projects of patrimonial organization and succession planning projects), consensual (separations and extrajudicial probate proceedings) and litigious phases (divorces, litigious probates and interdictions). We also act in arbitrations involving corporate issues related to family planning, as well as in partial dissolution of corporations and determination of assets.


A highly qualified team, ready to act with dedication in the resolution of disputes involving companies of several sectors of the economy.

Aligned and coordinated professionals who add their specialties to deliver the best result for you and your company.